DeveloperSystems Administrator

Route Mapper

Developed using Javascript with jQuery framework and Google Maps JS API. Creates map from spreadsheet of addresses which can then be broken into groups and routed.


Developed in Ruby on Rails with MySQL Gem for backend. Creates business invoices with reusable input data.


Developed backend entirely using PHP and MySQL, and used jQuery for slideshow, form show effect and for dropdown menu filters.


Developed custom Wordpress theme as the CMS of the site, and used jQuery, along with jQueryCycle and jScrollPane, to add some functionality as well as visual effects.

Proof of Concept 1

Developed site CMS using MySQL to store, organize, and retrieve data on demand. Joined multiple table queries to cross check stored business inventory and distance of business with current/entered location. Utilized table data with PHP and Google API to build Google map with all search results and a table of useful information about results.